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Welcome to my site!

Its been a growth year throughout late 2013 to now. It's taken a lot of hard work and now our efforts have reached fruition. We are now ready to move forward with more challenging projects and expand our staff!

Little About Me

My background is in Animation working on contracts for Walt Disney Television for Toonz Animation in the 90's.
Since then I have branched out into editing, audio production, special effects and film production and direction.

Currently I freelance for the Chiefs vision mixing the Big LED Screen at Waikato Stadium and for Western Springs Speedway. I am also preparing to take my films to market and to shoot "The Massive Codpiece" a short film in Helsingor, read more

Only a few weeks till I'm on a plane to France for the FESTIVAL DE CANNES, If you are attending the Marche du Film and are interested in meeting me while I am at market please contact me through the contact section of this website or catch me at the American Pavillion.

Here at Nocturnal Customs LTD we are working on some exciting new projects. We also have three new films ready for sale and distribution. The focus this year is to travel to film markets and promote these three films while preparing to shoot a co-production in Denmark this June. our first stop will be the cannes film festival Marche Du Film. To network, do workshops and promote my films for sale aqnd build new relationships in the internatioanl sector. Nocturnal Customs is also looking for investors in the company for it's future projects and continued growth. If you are interested in investing in our company contact the Director Samuel Wheeler on the contact section of this website or email him directly on for an investment proposal package.

Latest News & Events

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go! With three films to take to market and another film in production this June, we are ready to promote our brand!
THE MASSIVE CODPIECE co-production to film in Helsingor Mid June this year in Helsingor I will have the priviledge of making a production with Yummiversal Pictures in Denmark.
"Valley of the Succubus" is to get a Stereoscopic rebirth! For broadcast on 3D television providers this year a new telefeature length edit will grace your 3D Televisions!
"Curse's!" in development Curses. The short comedy will be given the feature treatment this year. In preparation to shoot on location at Cannes 2015.
Mischief's Missing Monsters The short childrens animation begins the epic renderthon this November for release in mid 2015 on the festival circuit.

What I Offer

STEREOSCOPIC is the word for 2014. With the implemention of domestic 120hz full HD 3D monitors now the game is on for content producers. Using SONY VEGAS as an editing solution Nocturnal Customs LTD has managed to stay up with the technology. Untilizing the HDR TD10E Sony Prosumer 3D Camcorder we shot three days of exquisite performances to create New Zealand Burlesque festival Documentary. read more

Now Nocturnal Customs LTD is ready to launch full swing into it's next gen 3D projects such as EARTH to ICARUS, NZ Burlesque Festival 2014, The Massive Codpiece, Mysteries of the Pacific and Mischiefs Missing Monsters. Versatility means adaptability! And we have proven again and again that we are able to adapt to meet the changing market technological needs and trends.

Nocturnal's Advantages

A strong animation studio background Did you know I started as a traditional line animator working on contracts for Walt Disney Television!

A high level of technical experience I provide vision mixing and LED screen services for the Waikato Stadium Investec Super Rugby, ITM cup and Western Springs Speedway

A range of skills At Nocturnal Customs LTD we provide Editing services, producer and pre-production development services, Animation, Production, Costume and Special Effects

Full production equipment We have solutions for HD and 3D HD Film Making

Nocturnal's Standards

Here at Nocturnal Customs LTD we are all about delivering our clients needs in the most efficient and effective way possible. We have experience both behind and in front of the camera both on location, in a studio environment and major live televised events

Trained in vision mixing, editing and all aspects of production it is no problem for me to give you practical solutions for your production needs.

Services Overview

Editing, Lighting, Sound, FX, Costume, Art Department and Production

CGI Animation, Conceptual artwork, classical animation and storyboard art. read more


Director and Co-producer for "New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2013" Documentary Director and Producer for " Mysteries of the Pacific" Documentary Director and Producer for "Valley of the Succubus"

Screen Technician for OAMM Big Screen Operations for NZ Golf Open at The Hills, Queenstown. Big Screen Operations for New Zealand Fashion Week

Screen Technician and Big Screen operations for RAPID at Western Springs Speedway Screen Technician and Big Screen Operations for 'The Chiefs' NZRU Contract

Editor for "Playmates" Short Film Editor for "A Kiwi Family Christmas"

Cameraman for Rugby World Cup Albany presentation AV Director for Tauranga Body Arts Show

Director for ""Sacred Heart" Short film Director for "Watch This!?" Short Film

Puppeteer and Puppet Maker for Dead Fools Fiesta music video "Bedroom Eyes"

FREELANCE ANIMATION SCHOOL CGI Tutor NZQA Content delivery and support Curriculum developement tutor for 3rd and 2nd year CGI animation courses .

UNITEC Editor/Publication Co-ordinator for Unitec Student Union Editor of In Unison magazine. Directing two In Unison CDs, mastered by Kog Transmissions featuring Del Ray System, Concorde Dawn, Nesian Mystic, One Million Dollars, Tomachi, The Mercenaries etc

LOOP MAGAZINE Designer/Mac Operator/Multimedia for Loop Magazine. Cartoonist/illustrator for In Dah Loop, an entertainment page for Loop Magazine Production, advertising, distribution and desktop publishing Conceiving and Co-directing Loop CD for September issue to coincide with their first cover price issue featuring Trinity Roots, Shapeshifter, King Kapisi, Bongmaster, House of Downtown, Twinset, 50hz

TOONZ ANIMATION Animation and Key clean up artist subcontracting to Walt Disney Television on Tex Tinstar, Pith Possum, Quack Pack, Timon and Pumba, Redux Riding Hood, Third Pig Animator for Jungle Fungus "More or Less" Music Video Animator for Catflap Studios, Sydney. Australia Animator for Flying Fish Studios, Sydney. Australia

Nocturnal's Primary Services

Stereoscopic 3D Film Making. New Zealand Burlesque festival is not only a lush, entertaining and unique view of the 2013 Tour but it's also shot in full HD 3D! So put on your 3D glasses and reach out and touch the future with our latest Bluray release coming soon.! read more

The New Zealand Burlesque Festival is a celebration of all things burlesque, aimed at developing the New Zealand Burlesque scene from a community through to a supportive and sustained industry. The main festivities will be held over three days in Palmerston North, with three power packed shows, workshops for both the curious and the experienced, and an expo featuring retailers, presentations and forums, our Golden Garter Awards Industry breakfast and a tour show to Christchurch the following week.

As well as the New Zealand's burlesque talent, headliners this year come from New Zealand, Australia and much further abroad.

Services List

Pre Production Using the full range of Jungle Pre Production software and Final Draft 8 we can format your script, Set up your project in Gorilla, brainstorm it with you in StoryO and even produce your callsheets using Koala Callsheets.

Production in HD and 3D HD, and CGI animation Let us help you create your vision. Our specialist provider partners are all awards winners in thier own fields!

Costume, Art department and VFX Want to make an Alien from another world? How about a horrible monster suit for your B-grade expliotation flick? We do it all! Body painting, mask making and prosthetics, prop construction and special digital effects and compositing

Full Post Production Using the latest in professional editing software we can package your film into your final vision and even help with the final title graphics

Our Video Portfolio

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8

Main Clients and Partners

A happy client always comes back! Nocturnal Customs LTD begins it's second year providing vision mixing services for the Chiefs this rugby season and for the ITM cup at Waikato Stadium.

Nocturnal Customs LTD works with Rapid Construction to provide the Big screen and vision mixing services for ECOLight Stadium in Pukekohe and Western Springs Speedway.

LED screen technology is a growth industry as more and more retailers and events realise the potential for interactive and updateable content. Our experience allows us to deliver with confidence and our non linear multi-media delivery system allows us to update content during a live show without interrupts.
read more

Nocturnal Customs Limited is proficient with Blackmagic ATEM switching devices and Intensity Pro devices. We sue the TVONE Scaler, the Corio data interface and send the graphics to the screen using the Cisco screen controller

Our Partners

Red Rascal ProductionsThe New Zealand Burlesque Festival.
Yummiversal Pictures "The Massive Codpiece" currently in pre-production.
Rapid Construction Vision Mixing for The Chiefs at Waikato Stadium.

Contact Address

NOCTURNAL CUSTOMS LTD 1-54a Rimutaka Place, Titirangi,
Auckland, 0604 NZ.
Telephone: +649 817 3993
Cell: +6421 1333 486

Useful Links
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For more information about the coming Sci-fi.
New Zealands Technicians Guild.