Sunny Luthra

Production / Animation / Digital 3D Full HD

We are Nocturnal Customs Limited. Full HD Stereoscopic production services.

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Rates and Services

  • Freelance Base Rate
    $50 NZD/hr

    For Tutoring, Consultation and Operations BOOK NOW!

  • Production Services
    $50-100 NZD/hr

    For vision mixing, camera, field sound, LED screen Operations, Game developement in UNREAL Game engine. BOOK NOW!

  • Editing
    $100 NZD/hr

    In Sony Vegas Pro and Premiere (PC based) BOOK NOW!

  • Animation
    $80 NZD/hr

    Traditional Line Animation, Claymation and CGI animation BOOK NOW!


Postal Address

Nocturnal Customs LTD, Unit B, 49 Riverhead, RD3 Auckland, New Zealand

Mobile Number

021 1333 486

About Me

I am an experienced and enthusiastic multi-media producer and digital artist.

Shoot your next event in STEREOSCOPIC 3D!